Freelancing Platform

Fintech freelancing platform to find experts in the industry for a swap of the experience and the best solutions for growing businesses.

The application was meant to fill a very specific gap in the market: help expertswith years of industry knowledge share their experience with up and comingcompanies in various areas.

About the client

An entrepreneur that owns different fintech businesses in the UK.

Domain (industry)

eCommerce, freelancing platforms


3 months





The client started to work with another IT-consulting agency, which unfortunatelydidn’t meet the expectations set up by the client. As a result, they got a half-builtapp with numerous bugs and overdue deadlines. Deciding to speed up thedevelopment process the client asked us for help. After a couple of weeks ofworkshops and code reviews, our team took over the job, fixed the bugs,delivered new features, and successfully released the application to production.As a result, the client got an absolutely new kind of freelancing platform to helpsmall and middle-size businesses develop.


24/7 dedicated team of “A-class” professionals comprised of Front-End andBack-End Engineers, which included technical support through setting andperforming tasks through Jira


To complete the customer’s request, we covered all the necessary tasks:

Key Features

We have completed the first version of the application by implementing thefollowing key features:


Our team has done major refactoring to clean up the app from different bugs. Inconditions with a limited budget and strict deadline, our agency approached thesolution of all technical problems to build an absolutely fast, robust, and bug-freeplatform.

The client was pleased with our execution of the requirements and therecommendations.