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The ROOM4 expertise deals with all kinds of web and mobile apps – native and hybrid ones. The team includes specialists in all fields to cover all stages of the development process.

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Web Development

The web apps are the most convenient tools in many cases. Our technical stack covers all the latest trends of the web apps’ creation. All the aspects of building and maintaining are included. We design, program, publish, and support your web application. Every engineer in our team knows your needs and requirements.

Mobile Development

Mobile-first has become a standard since 2015. Say, you have this amazing iPhone app idea, however the budget is not secured. In that case hybrid and native-like apps wrapped in Cordova or Capacitor is what you need. No doubt, we are proficiet with React Native, Flutter to support large scale solutions.

UX/UI Design

It all starts with UI and UX, no matter is it a web site or a mobile application. We like to say "if it is not user friendly - it won't fly". User Experience is an integral part of our development processes. Our Designers and Engineers work close to make sure UI and UX expecations are met.

QA & Testing

For us QA is another integral part of the development processes. Things may go wrong with engineering, just like with anything else. We know that. That is why we have several layers of Quality Assrance embedded into our flows. After all it is faster, easier and cheaper to have it then not to.

Back-End development

We create native apps for iOS and Android, as well as hybrid apps matching any mobile OS. Whether you are a startup or an established company, our products will help you. The right tools improve your customers’ reach and service delivery. They let you optimize all operations with the industry-specific and enterprise suits. We build functional apps faster using the latest frameworks and back-end technologies. Our work policies are speed, effectiveness, and security.

DevOps & Automation

It is not about simple hosting any more. CI and CD is yet another integral part of our development processes. We want to have no limit on delivering updates to the end-users. No matter what is it: a simple web site or a complex solution with a bunch of microservices, we know how to validate and deliver changes fast.